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Thanks to generous donations from employees, the Honeywell Educators at Space Academy (HESA) program has meant so much to so many teachers over the years. Since 2004, 3,014 educators from 67 countries, 50 U.S. states, and two territories have graduated from this award-winning program. As of September 4, 2018, HESA has been discontinued while Honeywell Hometown Solutions is working to develop new social responsibility programming consistent with the company’s software-industrial vision and strategy. 

As an alternative to HESA, the U.S. Space & Rocket Center offers another teacher-focused program -- The Space Academy® for Educators. Teachers interested in this program can find more information here. This program is not associated with Honeywell and the Honeywell Educators at Space Academy. The USSRC team also is currently exploring options to develop new sponsored Educator at Space Academy programs.

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