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Welcome Home: Meet Our Connected Family

In a happy home, everybody gets along. The same can be said for a connected home.


That's why we've launched Works with Honeywell: a way to help your family of devices communicate better with each other.

Works with Honeywell

Works with Honeywell

When it comes to a smart home, there is no one solution fits all. If you have a Wi-Fi thermostat or security system, it will now talk to other innovative platforms. So now you get to have your pick of ecosystems that cater to your personalized needs and interests and they will work together to make your home more comfortable and safer.






Works with Honeywell

Works with Honeywell

Launched at CES 2017 (International Consumer Electronics Show), Works with Honeywell highlights how many products can seamlessly integrate with each other. We're sure you'll find so much more to love about your home sweet connected home.

Whether you’re a company, developer, or shopping for your own home, learn more about what Works With Honeywell can do .

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