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Why These 5 Products Took Top Design Honors

What happens when you focus product design based on the people who use them? You create products that perfectly merge form and function.

And you get recognized.

Five Honeywell products won 2017 iF Design Awards for their design excellence. From commercial-industrial gas detectors to a home air purifier, the winners were chosen by 58 design experts from a field of 5,500 entries from 59 countries, based on their innovation, functionality, usability and aesthetics.

“The strength of these products is that they were all designed with a clear understanding of the challenges faced by the people who use them,” said Rob Strong, head of design for Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS). “Putting the customer at the center of the design process is helping us deliver new products that showcase innovation, design elegance and ease-of-use.”

Here's the 2017 iF Design Award winners from Honeywell:

BW Clip 4
What it does: A personal, wearable four-gas detector for the industrial worker. Designed to be low-maintenance and for extreme environments, BW Clip4 is the first multi-gas device that can operate continuously for two years without battery recharging, to help ensure safety in the field and improved operational efficiency.
Why it's a design winner: It's highly durable with optimal ergonomics and features a simplified user interface and single-button operation.

Sensepoint XCL
What it does: A smart gas detector that monitors for hazardous gases. Designed for a broad range of commercial facilities, such as parking garages and boiler rooms, the goal was to make the most efficient gas detector to install, commission, use and maintain.
Why it's a design winner: Every step of the user experience is optimized, from the number of screws used to mount it on the wall to the mobile application that connects wirelessly to the device to simplify testing and calibration, resulting in reduced installation time and paperwork.

Honeywell AirTouch X2
What it does: A portable air purifier for medium and large (40-60 square meter) spaces in homes across China.
Why it's a design winner: With app and cloud connectivity, the AirTouch-X2 is as smart as it is beautiful. Its remote monitoring and scheduling capabilities offer homeowners convenience while combating air pollution with high-performance, energy efficient purification.

Sensepoint XRL
What it does: A smart gas detector for hazardous environments, such as pharmaceutical plants, fuel depots, manufacturing, storage and production facilities.
Why it's a design winner: Robust, reliable and accurate within industrial environments, it is also explosion-proof, it's is easy to install, commission, use and maintain using the mobile app.

Honeywell Mad Air
What it does: A smart electronic dust mask. Mad Air is designed to offer consumers in China clean air on-the-go for respiratory protection against harmful pollutants. With a smart sensor and active air supply fan, it adjusts air volume according to the users' breathing pattern to provide premium smooth breathing comfort, and humidity release.
Why it's a design winner: The ergonomic design ensures comfortable fit, secure seal, and even weight distribution; an adjustable strap fits different head profiles.

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