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Video: Everything You Need to Know about Connected Automobiles

From gasoline and diesel turbochargers to electric products to software, here's how Honeywell solutions are revving up the automotive industry. 

The future of driving is here &endash; connecting automobiles and their occupants to the outside world in a seamless manner is changing the world of transportation.

Covering the broadest range of applications in passenger and commercial vehicles, Honeywell's automotive solutions help reduce emissions, increase fuel economy and improve performance.

With Connected Automobile, turbochargers enable automakers to respond to global demand for automobiles with greater efficiency while delivering the performance drivers demand. Our integrated electric boosting products, e-charger, e-turbo, fuel cell chargers and conventional turbomachinery deliver performance while contributing to reduced automobile emissions and our cyber security solutions protect vehicles from cyber-attacks.

Other solutions help make driving experiences safer and more pleasurable while cutting unnecessary repairs and costs in half.

Watch this video to find out more.

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