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5 Ways Connected Aircraft Upgrade the Travel Experience

Pack your bags – the future of travel has arrived

Flight delays, spotty Wi-Fi and screaming babies. No matter how much you love to visit family and friends and new destinations, there is definitely room to improve the experience of getting there.

It’s time to get on board with the Connected Aircraft.

As seen on the TODAY show, Honeywell’s B757 test aircraft is on tour this summer to show how connectivity is changing the way we fly.

As a passenger, here are some of the differences you’ll notice:

More on-time departures

5 Ways Connected Aircraft Upgrade the Travel Experience
One of the reasons flights are delayed is due to repairs. Honeywell’s GoDirect Maintenance helps airlines proactively troubleshoot mechanical issues. Using data to avoid reactive fixes helps to avoid getting stuck at the gate.

Smoother flights

5 Ways Connected Aircraft Upgrade the Travel Experience
Good bye, roller-coaster-like ups and downs of turbulence. With GoDirect Weather, pilots get real-time weather data about the flight path, allowing them to plan routes that avoid bumpy thunderstorms and other less than ideal condition.Streaming entertainment

Connected Aircraft
Don’t stop binge-watching the latest show on Netflix just because you’re at 39,000 feet. Watch TV on demand, real-time programs and more with GoDirect Cabin Connectivity’s suite of satellite communication services.Seamless online access
5 Ways Connected Aircraft Upgrade the Travel Experience

Answer emails, catch up on Instagram, plan your itinerary and read the news just like you’re at home or the office. Let Honeywell’s JetWave system enables your Wi-Fi network in the air, thanks to global high-speed internet that is reliable as what you get on the ground.

Faster and safer flights

5 Ways Connected Aircraft Upgrade the Travel Experience

Whether you’re the best man at a wedding tomorrow or have a presentation with your CEO later today, every traveler has a vested interest in their flight arriving on time. Now pilots have a new way to ensure that happens. GoDirect Flight Preview allows pilots to virtually fly the approach before they take off – getting them better prepared for an on-time arrival. This technology gives pilots confidence to land at new airports and optimize route selection for faster, safer and more efficient flights.

The Connected Aircraft is on tour: Check here for more details about how you can see it for yourself.

Check out the TODAY show broadcast from our B757 test aircraft here.

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