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How to Make Store Checkout Faster

Our scanners at checkout lanes make for a quick and easy process
No one likes standing in a long checkout line waiting to purchase their items. And cashiers can't afford to waste precious seconds trying to scan a barcode label or a digital coupon code.

Retail stores need reliable scanners that make barcode reading a quick and easy process.

Poundland, a leading European discount retailer, recently deployed more than 5,000 Honeywell scanners at the checkout lanes in all of its stores in Europe.

The sturdy Orbit scanner captures barcode labels on a product's package and also reads a 2D barcode from a digital screen, such as a smartphone or tablet. This allows shoppers to redeem a coupon directly from their mobile phone without having to hand over their device to a cashier.

“Reliability is key,” said Neill Duckhouse, head of business engagement at Poundland, which has been a Honeywell customer for more than 15 years. “The thing that is really appreciated is how strong the Orbit is to complete customer transactions quickly.”

Honeywell's new Orbit' 7190g scanner incorporates hybrid technology that combines omnidirectional laser scanning and integrated area-imaging to offer a barcode reading platform that is optimized for highly efficient checkouts.

“Retailers need a convenient and affordable scanner that won't take up space on store counters,” said Stan Zywicki, general manager of Scanning and Printing at Honeywell. “The shape and design of Honeywell's Orbit scanner &endash; one of the best-selling hands-free scanners of all time &endash; make it easy for cashiers to quickly scan large, bulky items.”

Eric Krantz
Safety and Productivity Solutions