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    In the News

    Vimal Kapur discusses new jet fuel innovation for sustainable aviation

    Vimal Kapur joined ‘Closing Bell’ to discuss Honeywell’s new jet fuel innovation for sustainable aviation, the U.S. goal of achieving 100% sustainable aviation fuel by 2050 and finding business growth opportunities around the world.

    Honeywell CEO discusses digital transformation at Milken Institute Global Conference

    Darius Adamczyk shares how digital transformations at Honeywell are powering the future of work for its employees.

    Honeywell CEO on Empowering Sustainable Transformation

    Darius Adamczyk discusses how the company is developing technology to advance sustainability efforts across different industries at the Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summit

    How Honeywell and PepsiCo are adding digital tools to boost cross-team collaboration

    Digital tools give Honeywell and other companies the capability to utilize cross-function data flows designed to optimize customer experience.

    Honeywell Is Turning Low-Grade Plastic Waste Into High-Quality Oil

    The company developed a commercially viable method to melt down low-grade plastic waste and turn it back into oil that’s good enough to feed into a refinery.

    United and Honeywell Invest in New Clean Tech Venture

    The companies will invest in Alder Fuels – a cleantech company that is pioneering first-of-its-kind technologies for producing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at scale by converting abundant biomass.

    Darius Adamczyk on Bloomberg about Return to Office, Travel, Delivery Tech

    Honeywell Chairman and CEO Darius Adamczyk discusses the outlook for returning workers to the company’s offices, global air travel recovery, and investments in delivery technology on "Bloomberg Markets: European Close."

    Que Dallara on Forbes' "CEO Next 50" list

    Que Dallara, President and CEO, Honeywell Connected Enterprise, was recognized for her work on the front lines of Honeywell's transformation into a software-industrial company. As 5G networks become a reality, her team brings cloud technology, AI and cybersecurity to heavy manufacturing, jet engines and power plants.

    Will.i.am is Launching a High-Tech Xupermask in Partnership with Honeywell

    The musician and member of the group Black Eyed Peas announced a partnership with Honeywell to launch Xupermask, a high-tech face mask with noise cancelling earbuds, Bluetooth support and a HEPA filtration system.

    Samsung is Using Quantum Computing to Research Better Batteries

    Samsung and Imperial College London researchers are using Honeywell's System Model H1 to explore uses of quantum computing in battery development.

    What Other Cities Can Learn from Charlotte’s Mass Vaccination Events

    The memo to governors comes weeks after the partnership between Honeywell, Atrium Health, Tepper Sports & Entertainment and Charlotte Motor Speedway hosted back-to-back mass vaccinations at Charlotte Motor Speedway and at Bank of America Stadium.

    COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Requires IT, Data Management, and a lot of Iteration

    Here's a look at how Honeywell, along with partners Atrium Health, Tepper Sports & Entertainment and Charlotte Motor Speedway is approaching the business processes of mass vaccinations.

    16 Best Face Masks to Prevent Foggy Glasses

    Some masks are better designed to prevent hot breath from ending up on your lenses.

    An Aerospace Parts Marketplace Flies High with Blockchain

    GoDirect Trade, a unit of Honeywell Aerospace, is using blockchain technology to help eliminate paper and save time in listing products for sale in the $4 billion aerospace parts market.

    Forbes: How Honeywell’s Latest VR-Based Simulator Borrows From Gaming To Transform Industrial Training

    Its newly-unveiled Immersive Field Simulator is a virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality-based training tool that incorporates a digital twin, or precise replica of a physical plant that is updated in real-time, to create a collaborative learning environment for plant operators and field technicians.

    Darius Adamczyk with Jon Fortt

    Darius Adamczyk is CEO of Honeywell, a $144 billion industrial power whose stock is up 60% since he took over nearly four years ago.

    Barron's: Honeywell Wants to Be the ‘Tesla’ of Its Industry. Here’s How.

    Honeywell said it is using the Microsoft’s Azure cloud-computing platform to connect Microsoft’s Dynamics Field Service product with Honeywell’s operational technology, or OT, platform, called Honeywell Forge.

    Forbes: Why Companies Must Innovate Even During A Pandemic

    Honeywell has always been a company of innovators. That matters now more than ever.

    Forbes: How 5G Will Change The World – And Why It’s Even More Important Now

    That world will be here soon, all thanks to 5G. That is the fifth generation of wireless technology that is used to support cellular devices like phones and tablets.

    Business Insider Transformer: Que Dallara, Honeywell

    It’s doubling down on tech like the Internet of Things and quantum computing, and launching entirely new business models more akin to giants like Google and IBM, including subscription-based platforms.

    CNBC: Honeywell CEO Darius Adamczyk on rejoining the Dow

    Honeywell CEO Darius Adamczyk joins “Squawk Box” to discuss.

    Barron's: Honeywell and Halliburton Team Up on What? That’s Right: Software

    The partnership applies the Honeywell Forge product - the company’s software analytics platform - to Halliburton’s existing set of products that help oil-and-gas producers manage their processes.

    Forbes: Honeywell Wants To Show What Quantum Computing Can Do For The World

    Honeywell brought to market the “world’s highest performing quantum computer” and claims it is more accurate than competing systems and that its performance will increase by an order of magnitude each year for the next five years.

    JetBlue to test UV cleaning inside its planes

    JetBlue is working with Honeywell in a pilot program that will roll out eight Honeywell UV Cabin System Units at some of the airline's hubs.

    CNBC: Honeywell CEO Talks Developing Innovative Sustainability Solutions

    Honeywell CEO Darius Adamczyk said the company plans to test an energy storage product later this year that could “change the game.”

    Reuters Reports Formation of New Business Unit

    Honeywell International Inc, a major supplier of aerospace products, said Monday it launched an unmanned aerial systems business to bet on the autonomous aviation space – drones, air taxis, and unmanned cargo delivery vehicles.

    Fortune: Honeywell Quantum Solutions Laser in on Tech

    The venerable industrial giant has placed transformative bets on software and sci-fi computers. Will the global pandemic put its evolution on hold?

    Honeywell's Rhode Island Facility Has Started Producing N95 Face Masks

    Honeywell has started production of N95 face masks at its factory in Smithfield, Rhode Island, for use by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, as part of its goal to produce a total of 20 million masks per month.

    Honeywell Shifts Operations to Manufacture Hand Sanitizer in the U.S. and Germany

    Honeywell announced that it is temporarily shifting manufacturing operations at two chemical manufacturing facilities to produce and donate hand sanitizer to government agencies in response to shortages created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Honeywell to Roll Out Quantum Computer

    Honeywell’s quantum computer is revolutionary in that it has been able to reduce its error rate and increase the stability of its qubits by using trapped ions. “They’re releasing a computer that’s extremely powerful,” said by Marco Pistoia at JPMorgan.

    Forbes: Honeywell is now Tracking $1 Billion in Boeing Parts on a Blockchain

    Boeing has added more than $1 billion in excess airplane parts to GoDirect Trade, a blockchain platform designed to prove the origin of the parts and ensure they comply with safety standards, according to the manager of the platform, designed by aerospace giant Honeywell.

    Barron's: Honeywell’s Chief Technology Officer Explains the Significance of 5G

    Industrial giant Honeywell and communications giant Verizon (VZ) are teaming up on smart-infrastructure solutions that take advantage of higher wireless internet speeds to save utilities money.

    CW Interview: The Time Has Come to Take Buildings to the “Next Level”

    President and CEO of Honeywell Building Technologies, Vimal Kapur, talks about the need to co-create building technologies

    Honeywell Partners with Charlotte Hornets

    Microsoft's Azure Quantum Employs Honeywell Quantum Hardware

    Honeywell is bringing its "trapped ion" quantum computing hardware to Microsoft's Azure cloud computing service, part of an evolution from the age of quantum "co-processors" to an ultimate era of quantum supremacy.

    Forbes: The World’s Most Reputable Companies For Corporate Responsibility 2019

    In 2018 we saw an erosion of trust, and now companies are being more transparent and are adhering to higher ethical standards.

    Forbes: Rising Energy Sector Cyber Attacks Being Repulsed By Agile Platforms, Says Honeywell Executive

    IT cybersecurity, which is focused on protecting confidentiality, data and privacy; in the OT and industrials space, we are focused on protecting people, processes, operations and assets.

    Barron's: Honeywell Believes in the Future of Smart Manufacturing

    The company is now organized around what management refers to as “critical infrastructure.”

    Baron's: Honeywell Turns Science Fiction into Reality. Ironman Would Love It.

    Honeywell struck a deal with Brazilian chemical company Braskem to bring wearable technology to the company's Mexican division.

    7-Eleven and Honeywell Collaborate To Reduce Carbon Footprint

    Honeywell and 7-Eleven Inc. announced the adoption of Honeywell Solstice® N40 (R-448A) refrigerant as 7-Eleven’s standard for remote condensers supporting its refrigeration cases installed across the United States and Canada.

    Honeywell Acquires Tru-Trak Autopilots

    Honeywell acquired Tru-Trak Flight Systems, to establish a series of autopilots for experimental and certified aircraft. The acquisition will become part of Honeywell's BendixKing business unit.

    Kuwait appoints Honeywell to work on Al-Zour refinery

    KIPIC has appointed a unit of Honeywell International Inc. to provide technology and production systems to its long-delayed Al-Zour refinery.

    The Wall Street Journal: Honeywell Brings Blockchain to Used Aircraft Parts Market

    Online marketplace based on distributed-ledger technology lets buyers and sellers trade parts in real time, speeding up transactions

    Los Angeles Times: Robots edge closer to unloading trucks in Amazon-era milestone

    As FedEx Corp. and United Parcel Service Inc. beef up automation to keep pace with surging e-commerce and a potential threat from Amazon.com Inc., they’ve been stumped at a crucial stage: loading and unloading trucks.

    Bloomberg: Honeywell Leaps Into Quantum Computing in Race With Google, IBM

    Honeywell International Inc. threw down the gauntlet to Google and IBM in the race to create a new kind of supercomputer, announcing its own breakthrough in the arcane world of quantum mechanics. “We have a very unique technology that we believe is as good or better than anything that’s out there today,” Chief Executive Officer Darius Adamczyk said Tuesday. The company pegs the potential market for quantum-computing technology at $50 billion.

    Fortune: Honeywell CEO on China Tariffs: We’re Ready

    As the tit for tat trade battle wages on in Washington and Beijing, one prominent American CEO says he’s prepared for just about every possible scenario. Honeywell CEO Darius Adamczyk says the company has already been moving critical supplies from North America to China and he has also been analyzing pricing options to “moderate the impact of the tariffs.”

    Bloomberg: Honeywell CEO Adamczyk on Sales, Growth, M&A

    Darius Adamczyk, chief executive officer and chairman at Honeywell, discusses the company’s first-quarter sales growth, global growth opportunities, and taking a disciplined approach to investments and M&A. He speaks with Bloomberg's Vonnie Quinn on "Bloomberg Markets.

    Automation World: Shell Gives Its Remote Workers a Heads Up

    When Honeywell rolled out its Intelligent Wearables at last year’s Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), a key factor that made the technology so applicable to hazardous industries like oil and gas was the hardware platform from RealWear. The hands-free, head-mounted HMT-1Z1 platform is the first commercially available device that can be used by field workers in highly restricted ATEX Zone 1 C1/D1 zones where potentially explosive gases are present.

    The innovation Enterprise: Honeywell Launches Fully Automated Robotic Unloader

    Honeywell has launched a new automated tool for distribution centers that does not require an operator or modifications for use inside different-sized trailers or shipping containers. Developed by Honeywell Intelligrated, part of Fortune 100 technology giant Honeywell, the new smart robotics offering uses AI to operate fully autonomously inside of a trailer, with the company claiming it would reduce both manual effort and damage to packages.

    ZDNET: Honeywell launches marketplace for enterprise apps

    Seeking to expand the reach of its software business, Honeywell on Tuesday is launching a new marketplace for enterprise apps. The Honeywell Marketplace, which offers apps from Honeywell and independent software vendors (ISVs), is designed to give enterprise users the sort of simple experience they might expect when they're downloading a consumer application from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

    AINonline: Honeywell To Debut Hybrid-electric Engine at Heli-Expo

    Honeywell Aerospace’s hybrid-electric turbogenerator that will power the first generation of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft will make its public debut early next month at Heli-Expo, the Phoenix-based company announced today. The hybrid powerplant is an electrified version of its 1,100-shp HTS900 gas turbine engine used on Kopter’s SH09 light turbine helicopter and Eagle Copters’ Eagle 407HP conversion.

    Forbes: 'Productization' Of The Internet Of Things Is Here Says Honeywell's Automation Boss

    When it comes to replacing an old mobile phone with a newer model, most of us find it tedious but manage to do it with relative ease by migrating data from one to the other in the hope of better connectivity and an enhanced user experience.

    Forbes: What Honeywell's Ecommerce Platform Means For Blockchain In Aviation

    Not only are online transactions in this space extremely rare, but Honeywell is also doing something even more uncommon: using blockchain technology.

    Bloomberg: Delayed Flight? Honeywell May Have a Fix

    GoDirect Ground software uses data scraped from fueling and baggage-sorting trucks and this helps operators to allocate vehicles more efficiently and improve turnaround times.

    AINonline: Honeywell Rolls Out Amazon-like Parts Trading Business

    Eying a still relatively untapped online marketplace for aviation parts, Honeywell Aerospace today unveiled a new e-commerce business, GoDirect Trade, likening the new platform to an Amazon format.

    CBR: Honeywell Research Reveals USB Malware Risk for 44% of Industrial Facilities

    Research by industrial conglomerate Honeywell has found that nearly half (44 percent) of USB devices scanned across 50 industrial sites held files containing malware.

    Indeed: The 20 Hottest Companies for Job Seekers in 2018

    Honeywell (#6) blends the traditional with the innovative as it integrates software into everything from thermostats to security systems and pioneers the Internet of Things. Meanwhile, its aerospace division, which garners 36% of company revenue, produces aircraft engines and flight safety systems, some of which support self-driving cars.

    Forbes: Honeywell Tackles Industrial Cybersecurity Expertise Gap By Launching New Service

    Revealing the move at its annual group meeting of users and customers in Madrid, Spain, Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) - the company's automation arm - said it was an "imperative" and "logical" step to take, given the increasing frequency and level of sophistication in cyber attacks on industrials and the growing skills gap in the cyber protection sphere.

    CNBC: Amazon is boosting Honeywell's business 'at the right time,' Honeywell CEO says

    Honeywell Chairman and CEO Darius Adamczyk tells CNBC's Jim Cramer about his company's latest brushes with tech and trade.

    AdAge: Honeywell Taps Dedicated IPG Team as Global Marketing Agency of Record

    IPG’s “C2W” solution— short for "connect to win" — involves a multi-year assignment and will cover brand, advertising, public relations, digital marketing, demand generation and corporate marketing across Honeywell's four strategic business groups.

    Fleet Equipment Mag: Penske Brings Voice-assisted Solutions to the Service Bay

    In collaboration with Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions and Vitech, Penske’s system uses Honeywell’s Voice Maintenance & Inspection (M&I) solution via a headset worn by technicians, high-speed Aruba indoor and outdoor gigabit Wi-Fi network and rugged mobile tablet devices for technicians to create its voice-directed preventive maintenance system.

    WHNT: Hundreds of Teachers From Around the World Attend Training at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center

    Hundreds of teachers from 35 countries converged at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center for the Honeywell Educators at Space Academy program.

    The Wall Street Journal: Logistics Movers: Honeywell Names Former SpaceX, Amazon Executive to Run Supply Chain

    Torsten Pilz tapped for new post of chief supply chain officer at conglomerate as rising costs, tariffs pressure margins.

    AINOnline: Honeywell’s 757 Storm Chasing in Asia

    Honeywell's Boeing 757 "Connected Aircraft" testbed is in Asia completing a three-week mission to collect crucial weather data.

    NBC: Hawaii Volcano Unleashes Dangerous Sulfur Dioxide Fumes That Threaten Residential Health And Safety

    Honeywell gas monitors play critical behind-the-scenes role in monitoring for air quality.

    Bloomberg: Honeywell to Make Flying Safer by Decoding Accents in India

    With more than 100 languages and the ambition to connect even its smallest villages by air, India has become a testing ground for a new software being developed by Honeywell International Inc. that aims to make it easier to understand pilots speaking English with strong local accents.

    Forbes: With Big Oil After Resource Maximization, Honeywell's Automation Boss Eyes Fresh Opportunities

    In an exclusive interview, Vimal Kapur, President of Honeywell Process Solutions, says energy majors have moved beyond ‘window shopping’ for digital levers and are now increasingly embracing solutions his team have always evangelized.

    Forbes: The Amazing Ways Honeywell Is Using Virtual And Augmented Reality To Transfer Skills To Millennials

    Industrial giant Honeywell uses the latest in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to better transform skills from retiring baby boomers to millennials. This not only makes training more effective but also helps to engage a generation that has grown up with video games and social media.

    Invest Atlanta: Executive Corner - Honeywell Home and Building Technologies

    Gary Michel, President and CEO of Honeywell Home and Building Technologies, explains how Atlanta's "great level of talent," thriving tech community, and concentration of Fortune 500 companies attracted the company to Midtown Atlanta.

    IT Business Edge: Honeywell Sets IoT Sights on Digital Supply Chains

    The rise of the IoT creates an opportunity for Honeywell to expand its expertise building operational systems into the realm of digital supply chains

    CNET: Hey Siri, Take Off! Get Ready for More-Advanced Planes

    Think voice control for pilots, 3D-printed parts and displays to help the crew see what they might otherwise miss. All these technologies could make aviation safer than ever.

    Star Tribune: Need Help Navigating the Skyways? There's An App for That

    Honeywell has developed an app called Minneapolis Skyway Maps to help Super Bowl LII visitors.

    Atlanta Business Chronicle: Viewpoint - How to Make Atlanta Thrive as a Smart City

    Gary Michel, president and CEO of Honeywell Home and Building Technologies, explores the importance of modernizing infrastructure where continuity of their operations is critical and looks at the ways Atlanta is implementing Internet of Things technologies as a “smart city.”

    Fortune: Honeywell Tops Electronics Industry of “World’s Most Admired Companies”

    Which companies are most respected? Some 3,900 executives, analysts, directors, and experts voted—and here are the results

    Verdict AI: Honeywell’s Outlook on AI

    Think about AI as an Augmenting Tool, Not an Artificial One. The industrial sector has been slow to adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning, but having realised the error of its ways, the tech is now, in one form or another, being introduced to the factory floor. Daniel Davies speaks to Honeywell’s vice president and general manager of Connected Enterprises, Stephen Gold, about what the future holds for AI in the industrial sector

    Digit: How to Make "Connected Aircrafts" a reality in India soon

    Honeywell Aerospace, a leading avionics pioneer has developed the concept of "connected aircrafts" and plans to bring it to India soon.

    Bloomberg Gadfly: Honeywell's Adamczyk Is Right for These Industrial Times

    There's an opening for a new king (or queen) among industrial leaders, and Honeywell International Inc.'s Darius Adamczyk is as good a candidate as any to claim the title.

    11alive.com: Industrial Company Honeywell Expands in Midtown

    Honeywell GM Stephen Gold sits down with Business Chronicle's David Rubinger.

    CRN: 2017 Internet Of Things 50: 15 Coolest Industrial IoT Companies

    Morris Plains, N.J.-based Honeywell's Connected Plant platform offering gives manufacturers and industrial companies the data management and control, security and analytics tools to effectively implement IoT solutions into their plants and industrial control systems.

    International Business Times: What is a 'Connected Plant'?

    Underpinned by the Industrial Internet of Things, the concept is changing industrial and manufacturing processes in the digital age.

    Modern Materials Handling: Android’s Growth in the Warehouse

    The Android operating system got its start in consumer tech, but is gaining share in consumer and rugged devices. Here’s the rundown on how this shift impacts operations in productivity, visual instruction options and worker comfort.

    Wired: America's Future War Trucks Don't Need No Stinking Windows

    Honeywell's new system taps augmented reality to give operators a complete sense of their surroundings.

    Reuters: Honeywell, Omnitracs Launch U.S. Trucker Work Compliance Software

    Honeywell is helping trucking firms recruit new workers and comply with looming federal mandates.

    Forbes: Easily Prevent A Drip From Becoming A Flood, The High-Tech Way

    It's a small price to pay for peace of mind - Honeywell Water Leak and Freeze Detector review.

    The Wall Street Journal: Challenge for Honeywell's New CEO: Keep Up the Winning Streak

    Darius Adamczyk, who took top job this year after predecessor engineered a turnaround, takes a critical look at sprawling holdings.

    Industry Week: A Conversation with Honeywell's John Waldron

    "We are getting to point of inflection where the size and power of the IoT are becoming cost effective which enables a host of applications," says John Waldron, president of Honeywell’s Safety and Productivity Solutions.

    MyAJC: Honeywell hiring up for Midtown Atlanta hub

    Stephen Gold, Honeywell Vice President and General Manager Connected Enterprises, answers questions during an interview.

    Bloomberg: What if Jack Welch Chose the Wrong Protégé for GE?

    With leadership changes at Honeywell and GE, a look at how Dave Cote led Honeywell to a strong financial performance.

    Barron’s: Honeywell Holders Could See More Gains Under New CEO

    CEO Darius Adamczyk discussed the potential for Honeywell’s future, factoring in the growing software business.

    Seeking Alpha: Honeywell: Positioning For The "Connected Aircraft" Opportunity

    B2B IoT is poised for growth. Analytics and IoT applications are expected to capture bulk of spending. Honeywell has been expanding its software capabilities and has thereby been positioning itself to profit from the age of “connected aircraft”.

    Internet of Things Institute: Honeywell proximity sensor is aimed to cut aircraft downtime

    A new Honeywell proximity sensor is designed to identify aircraft maintenance issues sooner and determine whether a problem is with an airplane part or the sensor itself.