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Five Years in a Row! Dave Cote on Barron's World's Best CEOs

Dave Cote on Barron's World's Best CEOs
Honeywell Chairman and CEO, Dave Cote, was named to Barron’s 2017 World’s Best CEOs list for the fifth consecutive year. The leaders identified on this year’s list have demonstrated the ability to outperform in a slow growth economy.

Cote recalled that when he first started at Honeywell, the press wasn’t too kind to him. Barron’s cites that some news reports from 2002 pointed out that Cote wasn’t Honeywell’s first choice. Having turned losses into $5 billion in annual profit, “he should have been, it’s now clear.” Honeywell shares have returned more than 13% a year, compounded, in the past decade.
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After laying the groundwork for the company’s internet-of-things platform, launching Honeywell’s portfolio of connected products and investing heavily in its over $1 billion standalone software portfolio, Barron’s credits Cote for leaving the company “well positioned for smart factories, smart homes—and smart investors.”

Cote joins 29 other global leaders, including Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, General Motor’s Mary Barra, Walt Disney’s Robert Iger, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Alphabet’s Larry Page, and Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffet on the annual list, which is created based on the views of the publication’s reporters and editors with insights from investors, analysts and industry executives. Keeping with Barron’s investment focus, the list typically favors leaders who maintain consistent profit growth and shareholder gains.

Barron’s 2017 Top CEOs list appeared on the cover of the March 27 issue.

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