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How Shanghai is Becoming a Leading Global Innovation Hub

Recently, Ying Yong, Mayor of Shanghai, Zhou Bo, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, and other Shanghai government officials visited Honeywell Asia Pacific Headquarters at Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, visiting the Honeywell Technology Experience Center and Security Surveillance Lab.

Li Ning, President of Home and Building Technologies Greater China & Asia Pacific and Safety and Productivity Solutions Greater China, and Sun Dan, Government Relations APAC VP hosted the delegation and showcased Honeywell's development strategies, technologies and innovation capabilities, footprint in Shanghai and China.

Shanghai Mayor's visit

Under its "East for East, East to Rest" strategy, Honeywell has been rigorously driving innovation based on China's local needs, committed to addressing some of the key issues of the country, such as air pollution. In the meanwhile, Honeywell has also been helping solve problems throughout the world with China-developed innovations.The delegation highly praised Honeywell's involvement in C919, the very first narrow-body commercial aero plane and the largest commercial airliner designed and built in China. Honeywell is proud to provide our fly-by-wire flight control system, inertial reference and air data systems, auxiliary power system (APU), and wheels and brakes for the C919 airliner.

Several years ago, Honeywell launched the initiative of Becoming THE Chinese Competitor (BCC), which required a fundamental change in mindset and behavior. By benchmarking the leading Chinese companies, Honeywell targets to become the best operating global company in China with best product, best quality, best value and fastest speed.

Turbocharger is probably one of the best interpreters of BCC. Last December, Honeywell announced that the turbocharger's sales unit has reached 10 million in China, a milestone in fulfilling the company's localization strategy despite a very humble beginning over a decade ago.

After the visit, Li Ning also attended a workshop hosted by Mayor Ying Yong and Vice Mayor Zhou Bo, where only 12 multinational corporations were invited. He provided constructive suggestions on how to help improve Shanghai's competitiveness as a municipality, and expressed Honeywell's determination to support the government's initiative to shape the city into one of the world's first-class science centers and technological innovation hubs.

“Innovation is always the fundamental key to achieving a sustainable competitive edge. This is true not only for a company, but also for a city and a country.” said Li Ning, “Honeywell will continue to implement its development strategies and accelerate the pace of innovation, joining hands with local authorities and businesses in developing Shanghai as an international technological innovation center.”

Chunhua Lu
Communications Director