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Honeywell Garrett Boosts Racers To New Speed Records in Drag Racing

Modular Motorsports Racing, MMR is known for building themost powerful Modular and Coyote Ford engines for drag racing and they recentlyset a new record to back that claim. MMR owner, Mark Luton became the first driverto make a three-second pass with a Coyote engine. The MMR Pro Mod is powered bytwin GTX4718R turbochargers and made a 3.87-second 1/8th mile passat a speedy 199MPH.

MMR Racing

Luton's billet Coyote engine has the smallest displacement amongits Pro Mod competitors at 351 cubic inches when most competitors race with500+ cubic inch platforms. He also uses smaller, GTX4718R turbochargers whenmost competitors use a GTX5533R comparable product. Some might say Luton issetting himself up for failure but that is not the case, this mustang can keepup with the other cars. It comes down to the setup and tuning of the car andthe smaller GTX turbochargers allow the car to build boost faster, and thatallows the car to outperform the competitors to the 60 foot and 330 foot marksputting them ahead of other cars early in the run.

MMR Racing Burnout

Check out the video fromMMR showing the car making this record setting pass.

Record setting drag racing pass with MMR Motorsports

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