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Honeywell-Equipped C919 Takes Wing

The sky is the limit for this new made-in-China jetliner
The maiden flight of the COMAC C919 jetliner has made history.

When the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC)'s first homegrown China airliner took off on May 5, a new era began for the country's rapidly evolving commercial aviation industry.

“The first flight was a major milestone for COMAC, Honeywell and the whole Chinese aviation community,” said Steve Lien, Honeywell Aerospace president, Asia Pacific. “The C919 is more than an amazing 21st- century airplane. It's a symbol of China's determination to grow its aviation capabilities.”

Honeywell-Equipped C919 Takes Wing With four critical Honeywell systems onboard, our technology improves the flying experience for C919 operators, flight crews and passengers. The company worked with partners and through the HonFei Flight Control Technology and Honeywell Boyun Aero Systems joint ventures to develop systems for the new aircraft.

The C919 takes off and lands on aircraft wheels and braking systems from Honeywell Boyun. The Honeywell auxiliary power system provides electricity, air conditioning and heating while the aircraft is parked at the gate and is used to start the main engines. Flight crews use the HonFei fly-by-wire flight control system to move the aircraft's flight control surfaces and fly the aircraft and Honeywell advanced navigation technology to stay on course.

Each of these systems met all requirements as the COMAC flight crew put the C919 through its paces on the first flight.

“Thousands of Honeywell and joint venture company employees on three continents had a hand in developing these advanced commercial aviation technologies,” Lien said. “Their innovation, dedication and hard work underscore Honeywell's commitment to deliver safer, more reliable and more comfortable technologies to aircraft manufacturers, operators and the flying public.”


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