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Get Smart (Design)

A closer look at our 2017 Red Dot winners
In a world where we are increasingly on the internet, it makes sense that more of the products we use are “smart.”

Now you can connect everything from dog treat dispensers to watches to coffeemakers to lighting, but if the design is not thoughtful, those supposedly intelligent products can just turn out to just be dumb.

With thoughtful design, it's possible to have a product that's technically advanced and intuitive to use.

Recently, four of our products won Red Dot design awards. We asked our designers for their perspective.

T Series Thermostats | Rajat Shail, Senior Director of Experience Design


RED DOTWhat: The T Series of thermostats are Honeywell's next generation of Wi-Fi-enabled, connected thermostats for the home. Users can program schedules or let it adapt to their lives, and can adjust it from anywhere using the Lyric app on their smart phone or tablet.

What problem it solves: The world needs better products with simpler and easier-to-use interfaces. The T series aims to make the entire end-to-end user experience &endash; from buying to installing to using &endash; more intuitive for the customer.

How is it smart: It's really easy to install and upgrade a T Series thermostat. It's simple plug and play, with a universal wall plate design. Recognizing the pain points of contractors and home owners led us to a solution that is not only quicker to install and operate but also provides users with more choice and flexibility over the way they control their home comfort.

Indoor Air Quality Monitor | Dean Butcher, Honeywell Environmental and Energy Solutions Experience Design Director

RED DOTWhat:The Honeywell Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor shows the amount of pollution &endash; or particulates &endash; in homes and apartments. It's important data for consumers who want to breathe easy and keep their indoor environment clean.

What problem it solves: A Honeywell/Ipsos survey in 2015 found that 60 percent of people in China worry about indoor air quality. Air quality is incredibly important to long-term and sustained health &endash; and it's just as important inside the home as outside. The IAQ provides consumers important insight into the health of their environment in a way that fits seamlessly into their homes.

How is it smart: Our inspiration really came from observing people, understanding how they live their lives and what solutions are meaningful to them. We designed the IAQ to be attractive with an intuitive interface, so consumers would be more likely to interact with it, rather than relegate it to a distant corner of a room.

Sensepoint XRL and XCL Connected Gas Monitors | Mathias Tingstrom, Experience Design Director

Sensepoint is a new line of connected, wall-mounted gas monitors to detect volatile and toxic gases in commercial (XCL) and industrial (XRL) locations.

What problem they solve: They are designed for fast, easy installation, and because they are connected can be maintained using a Bluetooth app and a smart phone. Sensepoint detectors also generate automated reports to help meet regulatory requirements, a significant time-saver for safety managers.

How is it smart: Gas monitors need to be dependable, rugged &endash; even explosion-proof for industrial versions -- but that doesn't mean they can't be intuitive and simple. We did extensive observational research with installers and safety managers to understand how they install, commission and use these devices. Speed and simplicity was key. Our commercial model can be installed with only four screws, and sensors can be replaced in seconds by removing one screw. The app streamlines calibrating the devices and simplifies ongoing maintenance. Reports are generated in seconds.

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