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Nine Years Later

Thanks to rebuilding efforts, Honeywell China's Sichuan schools thrive after major earthquake

In 2008, the province of Sichuan in southwest China was devastated by a magnitude 7.9 earthquake, which demolished many communities, turning homes and structures into rubble, including the United Primary School and the Baohe Primary School. In the wake of this natural disaster, Honeywell Hometown Solutions (HHS), the company's corporate citizenship initiative, quickly mobilized relief efforts to rebuild the two elementary schools using funding from employees who donated to the Honeywell Humanitarian Relief Fund. Among the many contributions, Honeywell has made to the schools over the years:2009: Quick Recovery
Within a year, both primary schools were up and running with advanced technologies, computer rooms, multimedia and other modern amenities for more than 470 children. Our support did not stop there; Honeywell continues to increase learning opportunities for children through scholarship opportunities, math and science classes, and ongoing school maintenance. 2011:One-to-One Funding Program
Honeywell used voluntary donations from employees to fund students from families with financial difficulties until their primary school graduation. To date, more than 120 outstanding impoverished students have benefited.2012: Scholarship and Camp Program
Each year approximately 10 teachers and students from the schools attend a learning tour at the Honeywell Technology Experience in Shanghai. “Although nearly four years have passed since the earthquake struck, Honeywell employees are still concerned about the people here,” said Honeywell China President and CEO Stephen Shang during the scholarship program's launch ceremony in 2012. “This program embodies our innovative approach to supporting the development of formalized school-based education.”2015: Remote-teaching Program
Through web streaming, students can now learn basic science lessons in aerospace and physics from experienced Honeywell employees. HHS also installed new playgrounds on both campuses, and refreshed classrooms that needed repairs.

2017: Volleyball Court

Honeywell United Primary School set up the court to bolster physical fitness, and the kids fell in love with the game. Additional funding has been set aside for more sports equipment to keep the fitness momentum going.Over the years, HHS has won numerous awards for its citizenship initiatives in China, including the 2015 China Ministry of Education's “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) China Education Award” for Honeywell's ongoing support of the Sichuan schools.



Chunhua Lu
Communications Director