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Make Life as Easy as Saying, 'OK, Google'

Ask and you shall receive -- change your home's temperature with the sound of your voice

When it comes to setting up your smart home, you have a new option.

Now, our connected thermostats on the Lyric and Total Connected Comfort platforms can be adjusted using Google Home &endash; your voice is all you need to change the temperature.

No longer will you have to worry about washing your hands after grilling outside on the patio or gardening to cool the house to change your home's temperature. Simply say:

“Ok Google, lower the temperature to 71 degrees.”

With our growing number of smart assistant integrations (see them all here), you no longer have to deliberate based on which one is compatible with a Honeywell thermostat.

So whether you're an Apple fan devoted to Siri, best friends with Amazon Alexa or a committed Droid and Google user, we've got you covered. OK, (Google)?

Bruce Anderson
Home and Building Technologies
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