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'What I Learned at My Software Internship'

Interns talk about their experiences as members of the first-ever Honeywell Atlanta Software Center intern class
From internal hackathons to Ping-Pong competitions, a few of our software engineering interns reflect on their time spent in the new Atlanta Midtown office this summer.

Intern Project William Han, Software Engineering
Education: Sophomore Computer Science major at the University of Texas at Austin
Coding for: 1 year
Coolest project: Every year, millions of dollars are lost due to broken/faulty shipments that could have been prevented. Our job was to create a website that allows managers to easily track shipment statuses and notify drivers if anything happens so that they can act as soon as possible.
How he describes his internship to friends: Honeywell, specifically the Software Center in Atlanta, is truly the epicenter of innovation. So many new things are happening and it's crazy that I've been lucky enough to be a part of that.

Intern Project Amber Fuller, Software Engineer
Education: Senior Computer Science major at the University of Georgia
Coding for: 3 years
Coolest project: Our project was to put sensors on packages that take in surrounding info, such as temperature and light. The sensors send data to a cloud and we developed a screen so you can view your shipment as it travels and see all the sensor trends!
What she loves about working with software: I love the logic of coding; everything flows nicely and it makes sense. I like that I can use my skills to be helpful in some way such as making a computer do something, even if it's just making it say “Hello World.”
Favorite part the internship: Many different people coming together to help make the world a better place. The culture is awesome; I never once felt uncomfortable during my internship.

Intern ProjectMathias Quatorze, Engineering Intern
Education: Georgia Institute of Technology Class of 2017 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Coding for: Less than 1 year
Coolest project: Setting up a continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline for the developers at the Atlanta Software Center. The objective of this project was to improve the process of taking code that a developer wrote on their computer and place it in an environment where the customer can interact with it.
What he loves most about software: One is the speed at which things change; it's a nice contrast from mechanical engineering where a change in a product can take years. The second is the realm of possibilities working with software opens. More and more we will see everything in our daily lives interacting with software, and being a part of that is very exciting.

Intern Project Paris Walters, Software Engineering
Education: Senior Software Engineering major at Kennesaw State University
Coding for: 1 year
Coolest project: Web components &endash; they allow developers to create custom, reusable, and encapsulated HTML tags for web development. It's an efficient way to code building blocks for front-end development, reduce re-writing code, and unify branding across Honeywell.
What she loves most about software: Innovation and being part of the vision for our customers' companies.
How she describes her internship to friends: The opportunity to work with remarkable engineers around the world who are the best of the best!