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Safe Drinking Water Comes to Schools in China

With this program, rural areas now have access to convenient and safe H2O

At thousands of school in China, there is no drinkable water.

The Ministry of Environment in China has pointed out that among 6,124 underground water monitoring sites nationwide, 45% were rated as “relatively poor” and nearly 15% “extremely poor.”

To help, Honeywell Hometown Solutions (HHS) and the China Environmental Protection Foundation (CEPF) recently launched Streams Action 2017 &endash; Honeywell Safe Drinking Classroom at Urumqi's Miao'ergou Middle School in Xinjiang, where all faculty and students now have access to convenient and safe drinking water.

With more than 600 students enrolled in the school, Miao'ergou is one of five schools selected by CEPF to receive the benefit, along with Jiulonggang Primary School in Hebei, Shuikou Primary School in Guizhou, Honeywell Baohe Primary School in Sichuan, and Zhaojun Primary School in Inner Mongolia. These schools are in remote rural areas that are extremely short of water resources or have substandard drinking water quality.

“Safe and sufficient drinking water is essential to children's health,” said Xu Guang, Secretary-General of CEPF. “With Honeywell, we have brought safe drinking water to more than 2,000 students. We look forward to further cooperation with Honeywell for the well-being of students in China.”

In 2016, five other schools participated in the “Honeywell Safe Drinking Classroom” program, and are now reporting that students have been free from stomach and intestinal distress.

In addition to the installation of water purifier devices, Honeywell also sends specialists regularly to maintain, fix and examine all the devices every year, and conducts professional field testing and monitoring in these schools.

Chunhua Lu
Communications Director