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Chinese Schools Thrive After Devastating Earthquake

Enriching students' lives in Sichuan Province

Ten years ago, an earthquake devastated China’s Sichuan province.

In the immediate aftermath, we proactively supported post-disaster recovery and restoration efforts, rebuilding two schools with funding from the Honeywell Humanitarian Relief Fund and our advanced technology in energy savings, environmental protection, safety and security.

Over the years, the Honeywell United Primary School and Honeywell Baohe Primary School have thrived, and now provide schooling to more than 300 students from 11 nearby villages. In addition to hardware support, we also offered continuous software support, including remote teaching, summer camps in Shanghai, and sports training. The Honeywell United Primary School is now considered the best village school in the Anzhou District.

Honeywell recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary at Honeywell United Primary School, inviting local and regional government dignitaries, businesses and Honeywell executives and volunteers.

Future Engineers Take Control in a New LabPresent at the event were Mr. Jim Mullinax, the U.S. Consul General in Chengdu, Mr. Francis Peters, the Commercial Consul, Mr. He Peilong, Deputy Director General of Investment Promotion Bureau of Sichuan Province, Deputy Director of Anzhou District Education Bureau, Michael Finn, GM of China Sixth Metallurgical Construction Company Shanghai Branch, Mike Bennett, Communications VP of Honeywell, and Honeywell volunteer representatives.

“Honeywell’s long-term commitment has provided many opportunities for students to learn and grow through book donations, financial aid, and scholarships,” said Mr. Jim Mullinax, U.S. Consul General in Chengdu. “We appreciate all Honeywell has done for this community, and believe we can expect great things from these students.”

“We are grateful for Honeywell's support in rebuilding the campus, regularly upgrading the facilities, and providing our students with educational opportunities. These activities have enriched the students’ lives and broadened their horizons,” said Mr. Jiang Zhigang, Principal, Honeywell United Primary School.

In addition to supporting the schools, each year Honeywell selects students from underprivileged families for financial help through the 1:1 Financial Aid Program. This year, seven students were selected, bringing the total to 130 since the program began in 2011.

“We attach great importance to education in China, and are delighted to see the school continue to grow, and the children becoming physically and mentally healthier,” said Mike Bennett, Vice President, Honeywell Communications.

Support for the schools has been made possible through Honeywell Hometown Solutions, the company’s corporate citizenship initiative.

Lydia Lu
Asia Pacific