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New Community Center Rises from Recycled Materials

This very eco-friendly building has been built as peaceful place for 4,000 families

Imagine being able to clean up your town as you create a new living space for your neighbors.

In Colombia, we are making life a little brighter for 4,000 families in one community. Eighty Honeywell volunteers collaborated with Techo Colombia, a youth-led, non-profit organization, to build a community center in Verbenal.

The volunteers first salvaged recyclable materials, such as plastic bottles, and filled them with soil, cement and iron reinforcement to create bricks to build the center’s walls. The bottles were then stacked and held in place by cement.

Once the walls were built, the team inserted windows and finished the job by painting a mural to illustrate the various ways residents will use the center.

Throughout the project, townspeople and volunteers were taught conservation practices, such as how to decrease the amount of waste, and the importance of recycling materials to save costs. Sponsored by Honeywell Hometown Solutions, our corporate citizenship initiative, volunteers also received hand and eye protection from Honeywell Industrial Safety.

“I am grateful to be a part of this remarkable achievement by Honeywell and Techo Colombia,” said Alba Rocío, Verbenal community leader during the opening ceremony. “This center means a lot to our town.”

Artist Mauricio Sabogal volunteered to paint the new community center's entrance wall.

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