How We’ll Reach Carbon Neutral by 2035

How We’ll Reach Carbon Neutral by 2035

We’ll build on our sustainability projects, leveraging Honeywell processes and technologies to help the planet

In April of 2021, we took the next step toward committing to helping the environment.

We pledge to be carbon neutral in our facilities and operations by 2035, and to continue to investigate and evaluate carbon emissions up and down our supply chain and to quantify them and to address them where possible.

“Honeywell has a long history of improving our own environmental and sustainability profile while providing innovative products and services that improve our customers’ profiles as well,” said Honeywell chairman and CEO Darius Adamczyk. “We will continue to invest in our plants and in new technologies that will reduce our carbon footprint and contribute significantly to global efforts to mitigate climate change.”


Here’s a look at that promise.

Defining Carbon Neutral

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most well- known of the greenhouse gases, which trap heat in our atmosphere.  Other greenhouse gases can be measured using CO2 global warming potential, or “GWP,” as a unit (called “CO2 equivalent” or “CO2e”).

That has a negative impact on the environment.

To be carbon neutral means that we will eliminate CO2e emissions from our facilities and operations by 2035.

How We’ll Get There

We’ve already made major steps toward carbon neutrality. Since 2004, we have reduced our greenhouse gas intensity by more than 90%. We’ve done that by integrating sustainability with our core operating system, generating thousands of efficiency projects throughout our operations. 

During the next 14 years, we’ll tackle the rest.

We will complete even more energy savings projects, converting to renewable energy sources, completing capital improvement projects in our sites, electrifying our fleet of company vehicles and using credible carbon offsets.

“Our full pledge is to both go carbon neutral for our operations and facilities, but also to continue to investigate and evaluate carbon emissions up and down our supply chain and to quantify them and to address them where possible,” said Honeywell Chief Sustainability Officer Evan van Hook.

Beyond Our Own Footprint

As carbon neutrality becomes prevalent around the world, we’re prepared to help other companies and our customers also achieve carbon neutrality.

We can do that through our products and technologies that help the environment.

For example, our Solstice line of low global warming potential refrigerants, propellants and solvents. Solstice has avoided emission of over 200 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from being released in the atmosphere according to our estimates.  This is equivalent to removing more than 42 million cars from the road for one year.